One Million Visits in Only One Month!

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One of the world’s most-visited religious websites——had over one million visits last month. That’s an exciting new record for Answers in Genesis (AiG), the world’s largest apologetics ministry.

Updated daily with at least two major new features, the site draws 35,000 – 47,000 visits per day from people worldwide. It is now widely recognized as the most-accessed source for up-to-date information on science and Bible issues. In March, the site had just over 1,057,000 visits (plus many millions more “hits,” another popular but less accurate measure of site popularity).

If there is anything in the news about supposed life on Mars, the latest “ape-man” claim, significant news about social issues like abortion and “gay” marriage, or creation/evolution controversies in the classroom, the AiG site offers a quick, well-researched reply, often within hours of a breaking story.

Ken Ham, President of AiG-US, declared “I’m thrilled that God has blessed us with this attractive and easy-to-use site. It’s an incredible tool. It’s always fresh and new, and it helps us show that the Bible is true from the very first verse.” Ham, who moved with his family from Australia in 1987, is now one of the most sought after Christian speakers in North America. “Everywhere I go, I have people tell me they now treat the site like a newspaper—they log on every day for the latest information.”

One of the most popular sections of is the main article on the home page (a new article is posted every weekday, and one for the weekend), as well as the Answers section, where the most-asked questions about Genesis (dinosaurs, Cain’s wife, carbon dating, etc.) are answered from the Bible and from observational science. The ministry’s online store now receives thousands of orders every month for specialized books, DVDs, and other materials on subjects ranging from Adam to aliens.

A weekly cartoon entitled After Eden—with a unique and humorous message, yet with a serious biblical truth—is also a very popular feature. AiG’s daily radio program Answers with Ken Ham is streamed on the site and is heard on about 700 stations around the world.

The website is continually upgraded, and additional staff is recruited to keep on the cutting edge of technology.

In 1995, a volunteer board member developed the original version of the site for what was then a fledgling young ministry. That board member, Carl Kerby, happily turned design and development responsibilities over to those more capable, as soon as funds were available to hire them. “Our aim for excellence in all we do for the Lord is reflected in this website,” said Kerby. “Our Internet team has grown significantly. These young men and women are helping to build what we are convinced is the most dynamic and strategic site for evangelizing non-Christians and discipling believers.”

AiG is also using the site to help draw attention to its large Creation Museum being built near Cincinnati, Ohio. AiG-US is currently based in Florence, Kentucky, just south of Cincinnati.


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