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Ever wonder if leaves die? Worried about the secularization of Christian holidays? Trying to understand global warming? Puzzled over what rights Christians have during the Christmas season? Or just looking for informative, engaging reading material this autumn?

Answers 1.2

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Look no further than the second issue of Answers magazine, the Bible-upholding worldview publication of Answers in Genesis. In addition to articles on the creation/evolution debate, comments on the latest news stories and a peek at the new Stargazers Room at the Creation Museum, readers will enjoy holiday and autumn-themed articles and featurettes.

Forest geneticist Dr. Michael Todhunter responds to the magazine cover’s prominent question, “Do Leaves Die?,” examining the biological functions that produce beautiful autumn foliage and explaining what plant “death” has to do with a loving god.

In an absorbing yet sobering article, Todd Hillard looks at several upcoming holidays—Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween/All Saints’ Day, Easter and Thanksgiving—and elaborates on the history and Christian origin of these special days, as well as the secular shift they have each undergone over the years. Readers will not only learn trivia and fascinating history, they will be compelled to remember and remind others of the Christian meaning and purpose of the holidays.

You’ll also find several scientific articles of the quality you expect from Answers in Genesis. AiG’s Dr. Jason Lisle analyzes the foundational connection between the Word of God and laws—the laws of life, chemistry, planetary motion, physics, mathematics and logic. Creationist geologist Dr. Andrew Snelling talks about his childhood interest in geology, his testimony, his work as a geologist, and more. AiG-UK head Dr. Monty White asks—and answers—the question “Billions of People in Thousands of Years?

And much more! At 90 pages, the full-color Answers offers something for everyone-parents, students, scientists-and kids, too! Each issue of Answers includes the eight-page pullout mini-magazine Kids Answers, with a focus on camels and a large fold-out Nativity poster. The issue also contains a column on biblical authority, a preview of AiG’s upcoming Evolution Exposed, a focus on museum and zoo tours, spotlights on creation evangelism and education, an article on the Genesis genealogies and a whole lot more!

With the first issue of Answers still receiving compliments like “top flight!” and “just right!”, there’s no reason not to subscribe now—the second issue will be shipping this month!


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