Ken Ham Receives Sixth Honorary Doctorate

AiG’s CEO first Christian leader awarded honorary doctorate by Tennessee seminary

On Tuesday evening, AiG CEO Ken Ham received an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary in Tennessee. Ken was awarded this degree—the sixth honorary doctorate he has been given1—when he spoke to help launch the seminary’s new sister institution, The College at Mid-America. Both institutions are located in the Memphis suburb of Cordova.

Ken Ham receiving his honorary degree Ken Ham receiving his honorary degree Ken Ham receiving his honorary degree Ken Ham’s honorary degree

The college and seminary, led by President Michael Spradlin, wanted to make a very public statement that they stand strong on biblical authority and that both schools side with AiG's mission to proclaim biblical truths from the very first verse. Dr. Brad Thompson is the college's first dean.

Ken Ham preparing to speak

Ken Ham getting ready to speak at the launch of a new Baptist college in Tennessee: The College at Mid-America.

The practice of the seminary since it started in 1972 was not to grant honorary doctorates. But with the start of a new associated college next door, the seminary decided to make an exception. Pres. Spradlin stated that he could not think of a more deserving Christian leader than Ken Ham to receive the seminary’s first honorary doctorate. Ken thanked Pres. Spradlin, and declared that he accepted the degree on behalf of the entire AiG ministry.

Ken Ham speaking Ken Ham speaking

Ken Ham speaking last night at The College at Mid-America.

Ken’s convocation talk was entitled “The Importance of Thinking Foundationally.” You can watch the college’s convocation and Ken’s presentation last night on the seminary’s Facebook page.

A ribbon-cutting for the college was also held on Tuesday, with Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland and Shelby County Mayor Mark Luttrell, Jr. participating.

Mayor Jim Strickland at ribbon cutting

The Mayor of Memphis, Jim Strickland, standing at a podium next to the ribbon at the college’s ribbon cutting on Tuesday.

Also joining in the festivities was the pastor of the large Bellevue Baptist Church of Cordova, Pastor Steve Gaines. Pastor Gaines is the immediate past president of the Southern Baptist Convention. His predecessor at Bellevue Baptist was the late TV and radio preacher, Dr. Adrian Rogers. Both pastors have welcomed Ken to their pulpit.

For more information on the seminary, visit To find out more about the new college associated with the seminary, also led by Pres. Spradlin, see

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  1. Ken Ham’s previous five honorary doctorates are: a Doctor of Divinity (1997) from Temple Baptist College in Cincinnati, Ohio; a Doctor of Literature (2004) from Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia; a Doctor of Letters (2010) from Tennessee Temple University; a Doctorate in Humane Letters from Mid-Continent University in Kentucky (2012), and a Doctor of Science from Bryan College in Tennessee (2017).


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