Jobs, Jobs, and More Jobs—Your Ministry Needs You!

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Do you want to use the unique skills and gifts that God has given you to help spread the message of biblical authority and the gospel?

Do you want to work with like-minded believers? Do you love what we do at the apologetics ministry of Answers in Genesis and want to be involved at the Creation Museum, Ark Encounter, and the AiG offices here in Northern Kentucky?

Ken Ham with List of AiG Jobs

Image captured from a Facebook Live video interview (see below) earlier this week, with Ken holding a partial list of job openings.

Well, how about joining our growing team? We’re hiring! Please get the word out that we have positions open at our attractions (including lots of seasonal jobs) and the general AiG offices!

It takes many people with a wide variety of talents to run both of our Christian-themed attractions and the core ministry of AiG. We so appreciate each of our Christian employees and the role they play in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ through our world-class attractions and the many avenues of the AiG ministry.

Now, there are even many seasonal jobs—and these can be as flexible as you need. Maybe you could work for a few hours while your kids attend school during the day—we need you here on site! Attention all college and high school students who are on summer break and homeschoolers who can work part time—we need all of you!

To access the list of jobs and careers at Answers in Genesis, the Creation Museum, and the Ark Encounter, just visit our jobs page and choose the position that best suits you. You can see a detailed job description by selecting the individual position.

Here’s just a sampling of the dozens of open positions at the Creation Museum (located next to the AiG headquarters) and the Ark Encounter only 40 miles away:

  • Grounds Crew Member
  • Warehouse Associate
  • 3D Portraits Specialist
  • Master Plumber
  • Retail Coffee Lead Specialist
  • Museum Host
  • Housekeeping Associate
  • Public Safety Officer
  • Reservations Specialist
  • A/V Technician
  • Zookeeper
  • Programs and Workshops Host

We need to fill all these positions right about now. We’re also hiring a variety of positions within the core ministry of AiG in Petersburg and Hebron here in Northern Kentucky. You can see the full list of available jobs on our website,

With more and more guests arriving at the Creation Museum each day (see photo) and the Ark (many thousand guests a day from March through December), new jobs have arisen with the growth of the ministry as God has blessed. We need more employees to handle these large crowds.

Guest in the Main Hall of the Creation Museum

The Creation Museum has just come off its best year of attendance and is expanding, with jobs, jobs, and more jobs available (as well as at the Ark).

To get a clearer picture of our employee needs, watch the first few minutes of my Facebook Live filmed earlier this week:

Seasonal Positions

In addition to the full-time positions listed above, the Creation Museum regularly hires seasonal Museum Host positions at our facility in Petersburg (west of the Cincinnati Airport). Departments served by Museum Hosts include Food Services, Guest Services, Housekeeping, Retail, and the Petting Zoo.

The Ark Encounter in Williamstown (halfway between Cincinnati and Lexington, Kentucky) is also hiring for numerous seasonal jobs. Available positions are posted on the Ark Encounter website,

Twelve Stones Christian Academy

Also, a local Christian school is hiring. Endorsed by Answers in Genesis in partnership with the national group Renewanation, Twelve Stones Christian Academy (TSCA) was launched in the fall of 2017. TSCA is a nondenominational, biblical-worldview Christian school in Northern Kentucky, just 12 miles from the Creation Museum and a few miles south of Cincinnati. (And compared to many Christian schools, tuition is very inexpensive.) TSCA is looking for deeply committed Christians who have a burden to impart a biblical worldview to students and to assist parents in discipling the coming generations for the sake of global gospel impact. Please visit to learn more.


We are also accepting volunteers at the AiG offices, the Creation Museum, and the Ark Encounter. Just visit our volunteer page to learn more and to complete a volunteer application today. A number of people have retired and moved to our area specifically to be involved with the various outreaches of AiG as they engage in “retirement ministry.”

To learn more and apply today, go to Because we are a Christian organization, we do require you to sign a statement of faith regarding your adherence to the fundamentals of the Christian faith.

We hope you’ll consider joining our team in Northern Kentucky! Visit our websites today!


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