Is Christianity Society’s Enemy?

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Since September 11, I have actually observed an increasing number of instances where those holding beliefs like those of Answers in Genesis have been likened to the Taliban!

What is happening is much more than what it may seem on the surface—that is, it’s more than an attack on just Answers in Genesis. In my email letter to you this month, I want to share something more sinister—namely, the indoctrination of the public to see Christians as the “enemy” in society. Let me give you some shocking examples.

  • Late last year, I spoke in Jamaica and participated in a debate about creation on nationwide radio. My debate opponent—who holds a high office in the Roman Catholic Church and is also a member of parliament—likened those who believe in Genesis to the Taliban!
  • After a major article on our future Creation Museum appeared last month in the Los Angeles Times, a letter to the editor stated:

    Why not capitalize on this momentum for enlightenment and build another: the Museum of the Excesses of Religious Fundamentalism. Right next to the exhibit about the Taliban, they can place a sign offering directions to another outlying exhibit down the road in Kentucky, the Creation Museum.

  • At one of the zoning meetings for the Creation Museum, I was accused (during a public hearing) of being like suicide cult leader “Jim Jones, coming to get our kids!”

Why is Answers in Genesis being equated to the Taliban and other extremists? I suggest to you that Bible-believing Christians are increasingly being viewed as the “enemy”—regarded as intolerant, bigoted and extreme—because we insist on believing God’s Word. So the evolutionary humanists are not really attacking Answers in Genesis—they are going after the Bible.

More than ever, God’s people need to stand on God’s Word. At Answers in Genesis, we are committed to defending the Christian faith and upholding God’s Word from the very first verse.

Let me close on a hopeful note about how God is using Answers in Genesis to make a difference. A friend in Wisconsin wrote: “Creation evangelism is a wonderful way to witness. For many people, evolution is the major thing keeping them from believing the Bible—I know, I was one of them three years ago! Praise God for AiG!”

Similar testimonies from those whose lives have been impacted by the Creation/Gospel message confirm the need for Answers in Genesis to increase its efforts to reach out even further. As funds permit, we intend to do just that. Your partnership with Answers in Genesis would help us proclaim the Gospel even more effectively.

I urge you not only to consider a gift to this Bible-upholding ministry, but to also pray for us daily . . . and to challenge your own church leaders as to where they stand.


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