InSite, December 2012

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For InSite this month, we’re examining AiG’s Worldwide ministry, answering questions about the sanctity of human life, helping you search our store, and more!

What in the World

We at Answers in Genesis are passionate to see the gospel of Jesus Christ preached throughout the world as our Lord commanded. But think about it: the “good news” that Jesus died for our sins has little effect if people don’t understand their fallen, sinful condition before a righteous, holy Creator. These truths are essential to the gospel, and like so many other foundational doctrines, they ultimately go back to the first chapters of Genesis.

Answers Worldwide is an international “arm” of our ministry, reaching out to countries around the globe with the truth that they can trust God’s Word. So where in the world is AiG serving, and what are we up to? Keep up to date by following the Worldwide blog.

If you’ve never perused this blog, here’s some of what you can expect. Some posts chronicle significant events such as this year’s outreach at the London Olympics. Often you are likely to discover fascinating theological tidbits to chew on. And occasionally we like to update readers on important ministry changes. Stop by often to be blessed with encouraging words and photos from distant lands—and even some videos now and then. You’ll frequently hear from Steve Ham, the senior director of global outreach for AiG, and from staff members like Steve Fazekas.

Have you heard about the new global AiG theme? Find out more on the Answers Worldwide main page! While you’re there, watch the new video from Steve Ham explaining what in the world the worldwide outreach ministry is all about.

Coming to Town

Santa Claus may not be coming to town, but you and your family can all come to Christmas Town at the Creation Museum for a biblical encounter of Bethlehem. Don’t forget to invite your friends! Admission to Christmas Town is free, although certain aspects require purchase, such as a ticket to “The Christmas Star” planetarium show. With a living nativity, captivating dramas, beautiful garden of Christmas lights, and more, you will step back into history and marvel at the humble birthplace of the King of kings. Like Mary, you will treasure up what you experience and ponder in your heart (Luke 2:19) how the Creator entered His creation to seek and save the lost.

In Store: Why Is Human Life Precious?

The Sanctity of Life Video Series

Explore the science and the biblical view on the critical topics of abortion, euthanasia, stem cell harvesting, human cloning, mercy killing, and more with this compelling new series, The Sanctity of Life.

The recent election brought to the public forefront some of the hidden evils plaguing our country: abortion, euthanasia, stem cell harvesting of human embryos, and the indicting list goes on. Many debate using flawed human reasoning that these wrongs are their “rights.” Are you prepared to show from Scripture why you believe in the sanctity of human life? The Sanctity of Life DVD series—featuring Dr. Tommy Mitchell, Dr. David Menton, and Dr. Georgia Purdom—will prepare you with biblically-based answers to ethical and scientific questions, such as the following.

  • When does life begin?
  • Should Christians oppose human cloning?
  • What are the promising alternatives to stem cell research on human embryos?
  • How could a loving God allow all the suffering and death in this world?
  • Why not allow “mercy killing” for those suffering terminal diseases, desiring suicide, or existing in a vegetative state?
  • What is the history of the eugenics movement in America, and how is it still operating today through the efforts of organizations like Planned Parenthood?

Watch and learn from this new four-DVD boxed set to better defend the sanctity of life, because mankind was fashioned in the Creator’s image.

Question of the Month

In your online store, the search at the top right of the page searches the whole AiG website. How can I just search for products in the store, not web pages and other stuff?

After searching from the main search in the online store, a series of filters to the right can help you find what you want. So when the search results page comes up, click on “Store resources” under the search category section to see only products from our online store. From there, you can add filters for other categories such as age group, author, and format.

Within the web store, another way to find what you’re looking for is to check the list of categories to the left. For example, if you want a resource on dragons and dinosaurs, click on the category “topics and themed.” From the list below that, you may choose “dinosaurs.” On the “dinosaurs” store page, you can use the search bar to explore within that category—and these results can be filtered as well.

Sound complicated? It’s really not that bad. Just visit our new-and-improved online store, give it a whirl, and see how easy it is to find AiG resources.

(Have a question for InSite? Let us know! Be sure to mention that your question is intended for InSite.)

Did You Know?

Did you know that generous givers like you have contributed over $10 million for the upcoming Ark Encounter? That's more than a third of the way to our goal needed to build a full-size, all-wood Noah’s Ark. This Ark will point to the past, teaching that God fulfilled His Word in sending a global Flood, and will also point to the future. God’s final judgment is coming, and the only way of escape is through Jesus Christ—the Ark of our salvation. To help build the Ark, you may sponsor a peg, plank, or beam. Or, for a limited time, purchase a family or individual charter lifetime boarding pass.


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