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After five years of intensive planning, the Fifth International Conference on Creationism is almost here. It will be held August 4–9, 2003 near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

After five years of intensive planning, the Fifth International Conference on Creationism is almost here (4–9 August 2003 near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA). And if past conferences are any measure, it’s sure to be well attended and a boost to the creation movement. ICC events—held only once every four or five years—always offer a treasure trove of information. Perhaps you missed AiG’s recent Creation 2003 conference—either way, the ICC could be for you.

AiG’s staff members have always found the conferences greatly edifying and encouraging. “It’s very educational and a great chance to network with creationist leaders,” recalls Stacia McKeever about the 1998 conference.

She added, “Lectures were mentally stimulating, providing lots of food for thought. I appreciate the fact that they include lectures that go against mainstream creationist thinking. I would love to go back this year, and I heartily recommend it!”

As always, the conference attracts a host of “big name” scientists in creation, such as Drs Steve Austin, Andrew Snelling, Kurt Wise, John Baumgardner, and Larry Vardiman, who will be presenting technical papers on a wide range of cutting-edge debates in creation. Among the speakers will be AiG’s cave expert, Dr Emil Silvestru, and AiG’s expert on the history of geology, Dr Terry Mortenson.

The theme of ICC2003 is “the development & systematization of the creation model of origins.” It’s not enough for Christians just to attack the evolution model; we need to offer a solid alternative based on biblical history.

“I attended the 1998 ICC and found it very worthwhile and informative. A number of papers were presented on a variety of subjects by several scientists and theologians. I’d highly recommend attending the ICC to anyone who’s interested in learning more about good science that’s being conducted by qualified scientists who believe in a literal Genesis and young earth.”
–Dave Jolly, assistant to the president, information department manager, AiG-US

ICCs are hosted by the Creation Science Fellowship of Pittsburgh, an outstanding creationist group whose aim is to “inform and educate people of the biblical, philosophical, and scientific validity of creationism.” The conference will be held in Beaver Falls, about 30 miles from Pittsburgh.

If the “technical track” sounds a bit over your head, the conference also has a “basic track” (7–9 August) tailored specifically to the “man on the street,” including pastors and educators (in home schools and conventional schools) who want to be equipped to encourage Christians and to challenge nonbelievers about the Genesis account of origins.


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