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Last fall we released Evolution Exposed, a book that had our shipping department sending out over 20,000 copies in three weeks!

AiG staff member Roger Patterson (a former public school biology teacher) was commissioned to write this unique book because of his concern for students in the public schools, who are taught that evolution is the only scientific option when it comes to the history of life on earth. In over eight years as a science instructor, Roger has dealt first-hand with teachers who openly reject the idea of God, especially a God who created the universe in six days!

Over 1,000 copies of Evolution Exposed were passed out free of charge at last month’s NEA convention.

Evolution Exposed is already a great success. Over 70,000 copies of the first edition have been distributed around the world. A few months ago, at the annual convention of the National Education Association (NEA), over 1,000 complimentary copies were handed to public school educators. As well received as this book has been, many people (teachers, students, and parents) have asked us to add yet another popular textbook to review. After cataloging the evolutionary content, Roger has critiqued the widely used text, Biology (by Kenneth Miller and Joe Levine). The just-released 2nd edition of Evolution Exposed now refutes every evolutionary concept in the four most popular textbooks used in America’s public high school biology classes!

Roger shares the following about Biology’s primary author: “Kenneth Miller is a popular anti-creationist. He wrote Finding Darwin’s God in 1999 and is featured in many debates and on various expert panels.”

Roger continued: “Miller was also quite visible at the Dover [PA] so-called ‘intelligent design’ trial where he got a lot of press for his comments against teaching intelligent design. He is a Roman Catholic who promotes the idea that evolution and faith are totally compatible since, he says, ‘God fashioned a material world in which truly free and independent beings could evolve.’”1

Roger added: “He ultimately concludes Finding Darwin’s God with the phrase, ‘I believe in Darwin’s God.’ And he is very antagonistic to creationists, calling our reasoning ‘more dangerous to religion’ than that of atheists.”2

Countering such ideas is the very goal of Evolution Exposed.

Another student outreach

In conjunction with the release of this “survival guide to biology” AiG launched its annual Research Paper Challenge. Students who entered were required to use information from Evolution Exposed and the AiG website in their papers.

Following the contest’s official rules, hundreds of young people submitted those research papers to teachers. The papers were graded and then shared with their pastor and at least one non-creationist friend. Finally, the students wrote about what they had experienced by reflecting on the process in a personal essay.

Hundreds of inspiring essays were received. Many contained comments like: “I ended up learning more than I could imagine ... Writing this paper has definitely influenced the people that I have shared it with in a huge way.”

The winner, Karin Hutson, received a $50,000 scholarship to Liberty University, and runners-up were awarded new laptop computers loaded with software to help them combat the indoctrination they face in our culture, especially in public schools and universities.

As pupils have been returning to school over the past few weeks, we encourage you to equip them with the truth concerning evolution. By starting from the authority of Scripture, we can counter the naturalistic and evolutionary claims faced by young people today.

But students shouldn’t have to face that battle alone. As parents, mentors, teachers, and pastors, we can help them in the battle by becoming educated on the issues.

Consider purchasing a case of this new edition of Evolution Exposed and share this unique book with the youth in your community.

If we sit on the sidelines and expect to counter five days each week of indoctrination with only a few statements about how evolution is wrong, we will fail. Let’s stand together and be involved in equipping our youth to have a ready defense for their faith!


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