December 1997 Newsletter

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Mary Looy notes Ken Ham's being given a pro-life award and gives some of the reasons for Ken being chosen for the award as well as the importance of leaving a good financial legacy.

Ken Ham receives pro-life award!

AIG’s President, Ken Ham, and his family, are currently in Australia for a much-earned vacation/sabbatical, so I am writing to you in Ken’s absence. The creation ministry Ken founded in Australia - now also called Answers in Genesis - has made it possible for Ken and his family to spend their first Christmas in Australia since they came to the U.S. as missionaries over 11 years ago. Please pray that Ken gets much needed rest from his intensive speaking and writing schedule.

It was also 11 years ago that the film The Genesis Solution, which features Ken speaking on the relevance of the Creation issue, was recorded in Arizona. In that film, Ken made a very “prophetic” statement: Even if the laws get changed in regard to abortion, the next generation who believe evolution even more will just change them back. Well, this is exactly what has happened! At that time in America, the anti-abortion lobby seemed to be gaining ground. However, a new administration in the 1990s eventually reversed these seeming “victories.”

Over the years, Ken has emphasized in his lectures and writings that abortion is NOT the problem - it is really just a SYMPTOM of a problem. The real problem is that the culture as a whole (including much of the Church) has departed from the authority of God’s Word as foundational to thinking, and has exalted man’s opinions (e.g., millions of years of Earth history, the Big Bang, etc.) instead. In reality, the Creation/evolution issue is all about authority.

Ken has insisted that ultimately the only way the tide will turn in regard to abortion (and other issues such as homosexual behavior, the collapse of the family, etc.) is when people will get back to believing God’s Word as the absolute authority in all matters of life and conduct.

This message is making a significant impact in America! For instance, at last month’s National Lutherans For Life Convention in Indianapolis (at which Ken was the keynote speaker), the president of this pro-life organization, Linda Bartlett, presented Ken with its yearly pro-life award.

In her speech, she declared: “The Dominus Vitae [Lord of Life] award is given to a non-Lutheran who has defended the sanctity of human life. This year’s recipient is first and foremost a husband and father. This man has helped the pro-life movement perhaps more than any one of us could know. As Lutherans who are for life, we have long acknowledged that abortion is only the symptom of a much greater problem. That problem is the removal of God from society.

“This man, along with other scientists, biologists, and theologians [from Answers In Genesis] has helped us understand that without God’s order of Creation, we humans are left without an identity.

“I have personally witnessed that the Truth this man speaks can be divisive, even among Christians. But that is how it is with Truth, for it is sharper than a two-edged sword.

“With no apology, this man challenges us to let God be God. In so doing, he equips us with a sure defense in our battle for life. It means nothing for us to be pro-life if we don’t know Whose we are, where we come from, or why we are here. This man helps us understand that the very reasons we are pro-life are found in Genesis - the Book of Beginnings.

“With great respect and deep appreciation, Lutherans For Life presents this year’s Dominus Vitae award to Ken Ham.”

This award was a wonderful way to end Ken’s year of intensive speaking. And it was encouraging for all of us at AIG to know that AIG was being recognized for helping to combat the tide of humanism overtaking the culture by presenting the Creation/Gospel message to our society. We thank you for your interest, support, and partnership.

Stewardship & Trust Services

What kind of a financial legacy do you want to leave? Are your financial papers in order? Has your family been provided for? And has God’s work been cheerfully remembered?

Lovers of self

In II Timothy 3 we read that a sign of the end times will be that people will be lovers of self.

“Love of self” is often demonstrated in the type of legacy a person leaves behind. Are his or her papers in clear order? Have persons provided for their family? And have they been a cheerful giver to God’s work?

As 1997 closes, examine your heart’s motivation. “Creation evangelism” is cutting-edge evangelism. Please support AIG with a tax-deductible gift for 1997 and, as a part of your legacy, perhaps also through your life insurance and will as part of your legacy. Call Paul Laude, ext. 302, for information on wills, trusts, and insurance.

You should know…

AIG stands by its October commentary exposing the extra-Biblical teachings of Hugh Ross and his “progressive creationism” views. All quotes attributed to Dr. Ross - and the endorsements by prominent Christian leaders of Dr. Ross’s books that we cited -- were accurate. AIG has the documentation on file. The response to the commentary, by the way, was overwhelmingly positive. -- Editor


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