CSF Newsletter—November 1997


As from Monday, November 10, the official name under which Creation Science Foundation will operate will be Answers in Genesis.

Answers in Genesis is the new name for this ministry

As from Monday, November 10, the official name under which Creation Science Foundation will operate will be Answers in Genesis. All our letterheads and mastheads will reflect this change as soon as possible. We may, however, on occasion use up old envelope stock, for example, carrying the old name.

Benefits of the New Name

* It highlights a great deal of what we are on about—the answer to so many of our problems in our Church and nation is found in a believing understanding of the foundational book of the Bible: Genesis. Most importantly, when it comes to effectively arming and equipping God’s people for evangelism in this “evolutionised” age, there are indeed Answers in Genesis!

* It strongly identifies the bond between us and our rapidly expanding U.S. offshoot in Northern Kentucky, headed by Australian Board member (and co-founder of this ministry), Ken Ham. This US ministry operation has found the change in name to Answers in Genesis (from Creation Science Ministries) to be extremely positive, well-received, and helpful to the effectiveness of their outreach. When we include the other members of the Answers in Genesis ministries group, CSF(UK) and CSF(NZ), this united creation outreach is probably the largest in the world.

* Answers in Genesis will more clearly reflect the strong Biblical foundation to our thrust in an open, up-front manner.

The new name will be less easily confused, even unconsciously, with cultic groups like “Christian Science” and “Scientology”.

Structure and Company Name the Same

Nothing changes in the structure of the ministry, a non-profit company.

The name of the company, for company record purposes, remains Creation Science Foundation Ltd, with the same Company number, as before. Answers in Genesis will be the officially registered name under which the company trades/operates.

When we answer the phone, or refer to this ministry by name, it will be Answers in Genesis.

Our desire is to continue to maintain a dynamic and forward-looking, worldwide vision, with your help. We remain a conservative, evangelical, Christian ministry, “dedicated to defending the Bible from the very first verse”. We trust God will bless you as you continue to stand with us in prayer and practical support. .

A FREE way of being a real part of helping the message to spread

As you know, the more that Creation magazine spreads into people’s hands, the more people are reached both inside and outside the church. Getting your friends to subscribe to anything is not easy; however, there may be a simple and effective way you can contribute to this happening for some. They will then be better equipped to pass this dynamite information on to their non-Christian contacts.

We are prepared to provide free for you to distribute (one to each family in your church) colourful Creation magazine brochures. If you would like to do this in your church, just fill in the appropriate spot on the slip enclosed.

The (rented) premises of our US offshoot, Answers in Genesis. Under Ken’s direction, their outreach is accelerating at a massive pace, such that they already have about 40% more staff (and a much larger mailing list for their free newsletter) than their Australian parent ministry.

Visitor: Australia awash in evolution!

Bryce and Cindy Gaudian in Sydney

Bryce Gaudian, director of the Southern Minnesota Association for Creation, recently visited Australia with the annual “down under” creation tour run by our sister Answers in Genesis ministry in Kentucky. The following is adapted with permission from his report to his own constituency:

Australia is a gloriously beautiful country. Having deep respect and admiration for Ken Ham and his God-honouring creation ministry, I relished the opportunity to travel with him and learn more of how God uses him in Kingdom work. I also wanted to meet the creation team at Brisbane and visit with Dr Carl Wieland, editor of Creation magazine.

I wanted to see first-hand the level of evolutionary indoctrination that was going on in the Australian culture, having been acutely aware of its fast-paced advance on our own shores.

Decades of pushing evolution has taken a toll on Australia. Tragically, so few people acknowledge Jesus Christ as Creator, Saviour and coming Judge and King. In a country that is so majestically beautiful, pristine, and full of the visible wonders of Creation, one would think people would take notice of the fact that there is a Creator and would seek to know Him.

The promulgation of evolution in Australia, compared with the US, is incredible. I can say without exaggeration that evolution was blatantly pushed everywhere we stopped. The first encounter with evolution was on the Qantas flight over to Sydney from Los Angeles. An article in the Qantas in-flight magazine, The Australian Way, July 1997, titled House of Science, basically glorified Charles Darwin as having developed “science [which] rewrote the script of life”. According to the author, it was Darwin who helped humankind discover its origins. The article praises Darwin as “the most influential scientist of the nineteenth century”, and his “great insights” which “had a profound impact on society, particularly on science and theology . . . [Darwin’s theory] questioned core beliefs that had powerfully influenced society for centuries. It challenged the notion that there was a divine Creator; that humankind held a special place in nature; it reshaped the philosophical basis of much intellectual inquiry, helping revolutionize other sciences.” Even a tour of the Sydney Opera House brought in evolution and the evolutionary timescale of millions of years. The Sydney Aquarium was evolutionary in its displays on fish. A guide on a boat ride of the harbour brought up evolution. Rock/fossil shops in Sydney talked about evolution.

The IMEX giant screen movie theatre in Katoomba showed the movie The Edge—the Ultimate Blue Mountains Wilderness Experience, which was an unbelievable hour of evolutionary indoctrination with evolution presented as undisputed fact. A library in Brisbane had evolution signs outside the entrance next to dinosaurs. A July 19 article in Queensland’s The Courier Mail by Rodney Chester, titled “Queensland digs up a place in prehistory”, laid out evolutionary timescales for dinosaurs and even koalas.

Cairns had displays on evolution at an opal mine.

A book on the wonders of the variety in the sea, Australian Tropical Reef Life, by Frith, stated on p.68, “The Great Barrier Reef has taken literally millions of years to reach its present state.” The book Wildlife Australia, by Steve Parish, states on p.14, “Today’s crocodiles are very similar in appearance (and probably behaviour) to fossil crocodilians which existed many millions of years ago.” On the flight from Brisbane to Cairns, a message appeared on the aircraft movie screen at one point in the programming: “I believe in God but I spell it N-A-T-U-R-E.” While we were in Cairns, the TV aired an anti-creation program which blasted creation as “bad science, bad religion, and bad business”.

I don’t think it illegitimate to make a connection with the pervasive teaching of evolution in Australia and the tragic facts told to us: less than 2% of the population of 17 million Australians attend church regularly (and many of those churches are liberal and embrace theistic evolution).

An article in the July 16 issue of The Australian newspaper was titled “Christians lose faith but eastern religions prosper”. The July 20 issue of Brisbane’s The Sunday Mail Metro newspaper had as a front page story “Our Shame—Teenage Health Tragedy”, reporting that Queensland youth had Australia’s highest rate of suicide and that young people have “a sense of hopelessness”.

A farmer told us there is almost no willingness to work among young people—an almost nonexistent work ethic. Drug use, crime, unemployment, alcohol abuse and immorality are apparently also rampant. An article trying to get heroin legalized in Australia appeared in the July 24 issue of The Australian, by Michael Duffy (publisher and the former editor of Independent Monthly) stated: “But what if heroin were decriminalized and some more kids went on it; would this be so bad? Drugs are an essential part of most civilized societies. Men, in particular, are programmed by evolution to respond to fight/flight stimuli, which life in highly organized societies rarely provides.” (emphasis added).

All this in a country in which the incredible beauty of God’s awesome creation surrounds people continuously. People don’t “stop to think” as God Himself ponts out in the book of Isaiah. There are extraordinary opportunities each day, whether in Australia, America or wherever, to bring acclaim to Jesus Christ. It is obvious that the forces of darkness are using evolution as an affront to God, and as a distraction from people serving their Creator. Creation ministries are on the frontlines contending for the truth of the biblical account of creation, to get people to stop and think about the ramifications of what they believe and who they are serving.

I praise God for the grand opportunity He gave my wife and me to experience the paradise of Australia, and yet to get a reality check as to how the whole of paradise has been corrupted by the entrance of sin into the world. As forgiven sinners ourselves, may we work while it is still day to welcome the world to come before the Throne of Grace to receive mercy from our Lord Jesus Christ, to whom belongs all honour and praise.

Pastor: “Belief in creation is not negotiable’!

A Queensland pastor has written to us as follows: In this modern day, when society pressurizes so many so-called “Christian leaders” to desert the basic truths of their faith, I constantly wonder on what their faith is based. They call themselves “Christian”, but surely to be Christian demands belief in what Christ believed. There is no doubt He believed what Moses wrote (e.g. John 5:46-47; Matthew 19:36) and therefore believed Genesis 1 and 2, etc. “The fear of God is the beginning of knowledge” (Proverbs 1:7). The leaders of several prominent church denominations appear to fear man, not God. I write for those of your readers who are interested in this matter, to know that for a Christian to believe as these leaders believe, they are compromising their faith. The outcome of this can be found in the letter from Jesus to the church at Laodicea (Revelation 3:14–16) which concludes, “I [Jesus] would that you were cold or hot, but because you are lukewarm I will spue you out of my mouth.” God does not seek man’s approval, neither does He permit man’s so-called wisdom to determine the things of God. Belief in the basic creation account is non-negotiable. it is required. —Pastor Geoff Woollin, Morayfield

7,600 attend AIG seminar in USA

About 7,600 people attended the Answers in Genesis family seminar, in Woodbridge, Virginia, in September.

Initial interest in the seminar through the summer was so high that an extra session had to be added Thursday afternoon for 1,000 K–8 (kindergarten to year 8) students. In all, 1,600 adults attended the weekend seminar, and 6,000 K–12 students turned out for the three student meetings.

“This was a great start to our seminar season,” reported Ken Ham, founder and President of Answers in Genesis, and one of the speakers at the seminar. “We have meetings, such as the one held in the Washington D.C. area, booked three years in advance. It’s exciting to see Christians wanting to learn answers for their faith, whether it be about dinosaurs, Cain’s wife, or life on Mars, and to equip themselves to share their own faith with others.”

Joining him at this large seminar was Dr Gary Parker, a former evolutionist and atheist, and Dr Russ Humphreys, a physicist with the Sandia Nationals Labora-tories, who talked on the evidence for a young age for the universe. The seminar was co-hosted by local radio stations WABS and WFAX.

The Creation/Gospel message in song was provided by Buddy Davis, who also hauled in a full trailer of his lifesize dinosaur models, which were a big treat for the thousands of children. These wonderfully crafted dinosaur models (about 55 of them in all) will be housed in a creation museum to be built just south of Cincinnati, Ohio—a one-day drive from two-thirds of the US population.

Answers in Genesis is dedicated to defending the Bible from the very first verse. Although only 3.5 years old, the ministry conducted 256 meetings in the last 12 months, reaching about 115,000 people. Its radio feature, Answers, is heard on 240 stations worldwide.

Hunger in Perth and Adelaide

There was a real hunger for the creation message in Perth and Adelaide. Those new to the message found a new confidence in the Bible as the written Word of God, and increased enthusiasm for witnessing. Long term supporters of the creation ministry also found encouragement and invigoration.

AIG’s Dr Carl Wieland was greatly encouraged in Perth by the number of scientifically qualified people who are involved with the support group in spreading the message. The group includes two geologists, an immunologist, an ecologist, a plant pathopogist, a physicist, and a chemist. Several have doctoral degrees or are finishing them at present. Carl co-opted their help with various segments of the two AIG seminars in Perth.

In Adelaide, Dr Wieland teamed up with Dr Don Batten to speak at church services and conduct a two-night Answers in Genesis seminar. The pastor of one of the big churches said to the congregation after one of the sermons that the penny had dropped for him. He now realised how important and foundational this issue was. He wanted to follow up the ministry with further in-depth teaching.

One man shook Carl’s hand enthusiastically, saying, “I’ve wanted to do that for 15 years. I was at that debate at Adelaide Uni, when you debated the biologist Dr Tyler and the other physics guy together. Ever since then, for me this is it [holding up his Bible]; no deviation—the authority of the Word of God, Jesus Christ, nothing else [gave a broad smile and patted his Bible]. Thank you.”

There were a number of university students at the Perth and Adelaide seminars. In Adelaide, Don interacted with an “on-side” honours zoology student, Carl with some enthusiastic honours physics students.

On his way to Adelaide, Don spoke at Christian Leaders” Meetings at Melbourne, Bendigo, and Ballarat to prepare the way for Answers in Genesis seminars in those centres in late October.

In all, some 1,500 people, adults and young people, heard the Creation-Gospel message in Perth and Adelaide. Praise God for these opportunities to teach, encourage, and equip the people of God. Pray for the ongoing ministry of the Creation magazine subscriptions, and the books and videos now in homes across the country.

Unique Creation/Gospel presentation

Buddy Davis singing to some 250 people in Penshurst, Sydney Country Gospel artist and dinosaur sculptor, Buddy Davis, and wife Kay, from Ohio, USA, ministered in 18 centres in Queensland, NSW, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania in July and August.

Buddy’s entertaining, but clear, simple and powerful message challenged many. Well over 2,000 people heard Buddy’s presentation—a unique combination of original Gospel country music, teaching, and personal testimony relevant to all ages.

His open-hearted presentation, devoid of “hoopla”, or artificiality, warmed the hearts of those who heard him. One of Buddy’s songs in particular, We Need More Godly Men, deeply affected many. Some men were moved to tears as they repented of their failure before God to be obedient to their calling in the Lord Jesus Christ.

One man wrote from Victoria to say, “My wife and I have allow-ed the busyness of work and church commitments, along with the pressures of raising three young children, to erode our time spent with the Lord. After listening to Buddy’s message, and his moving song about Godly men, we were convicted to re-prioritise our lives. As a result, we have committed ourselves afresh to providing our children with parents who put Christ first in everything. We have also renewed our commitment to seeing our unsaved family and friends won for Jesus, by praying for them, witnessing, and most importantly, living a life that brings glory to Him.

“Praise be to God for loving us enough to gently bring us into line when we stray. Praise Him also for raising up humble servants like Buddy to bless His people. Thank you, Buddy for obeying the call of God on your life, for coming all the way Down Under and for bringing us your simple message of truth.”

Some radio stations are playing Buddy’s CD. One lady called us, having won a give-away CD from a radio station. She was “over the moon” about the CD. She said every song was useful for teaching school Scripture classes. She was keen to get copies into the hands of the other Scripture teachers (see the enclosed catalogue).

Buddy and Kay will be back next year for further ministry, so get your requests in now if you would like to have Buddy minister in your area.



“I love your magazine, and it is one of the few magazines that I receive that I read from cover to cover. (As you can imagine, as a minister, if I was to read everything that I received I would get nothing else done—so I must be discerning, and your material is always high on my priority list.

“The down-to-earth logic of your articles is one of the many reasons I enjoy your material (not to mention the careful caution at times, such as the so-called finding of Noah’s Ark, and the way you carefully handled that).”
—A senior pastor Victoria

International “I am currently a student at the University of … The work the Foundation is doing and has done was very instrumental in my coming to know the Lord Jesus in 1994.”
—J.W., South Africa

“We are now offering Creation Science classes in our Bible School with your magazine as a tool in teaching our Bible students. The students are so amazed.” —F.B., Philippines

“I have received the Creation magazine. What an amazing mag- azine it is! I really love it more and more each year. I like especially that it gives not criticism of evolutionism only, but provides the real truth about God’s Creation. Thank you so much for your important work on the Lord’s field.”
—S.G. (geophysicist), Ukraine

‘ many thanks for your quarterly insights of great encouragement to us in Creation magazine.”
—J & J.M., Portugal

“My kids, ages 10 & 7, pick up your magazine and absorb themselves without me begging them to find something to read. Thanks for enlightening our minds with truth and evidence. “God bless your ministry!”
—Annette, USA

“I am a student at Uni studying Forensic and Agricultural Chemistry. A friend gave me a subscription to Creation magazine as a baptism present. Your magazines and books help me to witness to my course mates and lecturers.”
—(name supplied), Scotland

“Creation Ex Nihilo is a fascinating magazine. I read every article, cover to cover, soon after receiving each issue. I just showed the latest issue to my cubicle mate coworker — he asked if he could take it home to read it. I had to say, ‘No! I haven’t finished it yet!””
—K.D., USA (who gave a gift subscription to his friend)

Research news

Dr Andrew Snelling reports exciting progress on several research projects, particularly those dealing with radioactive “dating”.

Results from various laboratories confirm the complete failure of these methodsófor example, a sample of wood “dated” at 45,000 years by radiocarbon was contained in volcanic rock “dated” at 45 million years by the potassium-argon method (see the next Creation magazine for a report).

Also, lava which flowed out of a New Zealand volcano in 1954 supposedly hardened 3-5 million years ago! Radiodating measures the time since the lava cooled and hardened.

Thank you for standing with us in this work. Commercial laboratory dating is very expensive. Please pray for this vital research as we seek to demolish the supposed evidence against the Scriptures and provide ammunition in the battle for minds and hearts.

C.H. Spurgeon and Creation

The following extract is from A Puritan Catechism with Proofs, compiled by C. H. Spurgeon in 1855, one of the many resources on the On-line Bible CD.

Q. What is the work of creation?
A. The work of creation is God’s making all things, Genesis 1:1; of nothing, by the Word of his power, Hebrews 11:3; in six normal consecutive days, Exodus 20:11; and all very good, Genesis 1:31.

Answers in Genesis on air in South Africa

The Answers in Genesis radio spots are now playing on at least four radio stations in the Republic of South Africa, Joshua Gilbert, our rep there tells us. If you have contacts in a local radio station which could use these short, entertaining, segments recorded specially for radio, contact our ministry coordinators, Frank Haegler, or Ken Evans.

Spreading the message in NZ

Dr Don Batten had extensive ministry in New Zealand in August, with Creation Science Foundation (NZ). The busy schedule of 22 meetings in 16 days saw almost 2,000 people turning out to hear the message. Evidence of lives changed greatly encouraged those involved.

There were many instances of things that showed that God was “directing our paths”. The road to Wanganui was closed soon after we travelled it for a meeting that night. Don was on the last flight out of Wellington before the airport was closed due to bad weather—he had a meeting that evening across Cook Strait near Nelson.

The interactions with people along the way revealed how vital this ministry is in these pagan days. An anthropology student from a university said they were told, “If you have any religion, leave it at the door for this course.”

She’d only been a Christian for a short time, and was very keen on getting equipped. Pray for Christians at university. These institutions have truly become strongholds of unbelief where Christians are scoffed at.

Superbugs not super after all

Hospital germs that resist all antibiotics do not support the theory of evolution. We tell you why in the December 1997-February 1998 issue of Creation family magazine. Also in this issue:

  • The Minnesota iceman hoax
  • The magnificent migrating monarch butterfly
  • Interview with a creationist atmospheric scientist
  • Radioactive “dating” in conflict
  • Stalactites that grow in days
  • Creation evangelism in Albania
  • Creation scientists do publish in secular journals
  • The wonders of water
  • Your appendix—it’s there for a purpose
  • The Bible and evolution don’t mix
  • New book shatters the modern theory of evolution by chance
  • Madonna and evolutionary racism
  • And much, much more
  • Now 56 pages Price: $22 for 4 issues (1 year)

Joy in the Lord!

A math teacher from a school told Don she had been a very shaky Christian because of “science” at university until she found out about CSF material. This brought about a radical transformation in her Christian faith. She beamed with a real joy in the Lord. Four Year-12 students came to Don after one meeting (they were brought by the mother of one of the students and apparently thought it might be “a bit of fun’).

However, they were deeply challenged, almost shaken. One fellow, after Don answered several of his questions, said, “I have a lot of thinking to do.” They left in good humour but with a lot on their minds. An optometrist said that he enlarged with a colour photocopier the article on the eye in Creation magazine and has it displayed in his waiting room at his practice (he wanted to know if that was OK to do that—it is). This is a great way to witness to people!

University meetings

One sceptical student at a university meeting tried to “have a go” but just showed up his ignorance and helped reinforce the message for the other people. He didn’t like the idea of only two alternatives—evolution or creation—but when pressed about what other alternatives there were, didn’t have any other suggestions but still protested there couldn’t be only two possibilities! (Either everything made itself, or it was created, there is no other alternative!)

One lady had brought along six ten-year-old boys to this university meeting. The meeting was not designed for primary-school age children, but one was a real bright spark and chipped in a couple of times at question time. He later told his parents that “it was the best thing he had ever been to’! Sometimes we underestimate children!

At another university meeting, a student came along with a pile of books by Sagan and other notable evolutionists. Part-way through the presentation, he shifted the pile of books on to the seat in front (it was almost like saying, “I’m sick of cuddling this nonsense’!). Don noticed this and made several references to Sagan and the like during his talk. The student’s attitude changed visibly during the presentation, and at the end confessed that he had come along just to have some entertainment, to poke fun. However, he was now asking lots of sensible questions. Also, a young lady was asking serious questions of a somewhat sceptical tone. Both returned for the evening meeting and afterwards requested follow-up. There was a radical change in attitude of these people.

A senior high school student wanted to take issue at almost every point. His “cage had been rattled’! He was determined not to seek, but was clearly challenged that the Gospel was not something he could ignore. He went away very troubled. A South American university student related that he had been opened up to the Gospel through Creation magazine, was converted, and is now going through discipleship training.

Answers in Genesis Support Groups

Each State has a Support Group which meets regularly. If you are interested in attending a meeting, or would like more information, please contact your area representative listed below.

Head Office—Brisbane, Queensland
P.O. Box 6302,
Acacia Ridge D.C., Qld 4110.
Phone: (07) 3273 7650 Fax: (07) 3273 7672

Office and Bookshop: 1/51 Overlord Place,
Acacia Ridge New South Wales—Sydney
Warwick Armstrong
Phone: (02) 9808 6000 Fax: (02) 9808 6011

Office and Bookshop: 20A Parkes St (Cnr Lee Ave),
Ryde New South Wales—Newcastle
Guy Wood:
(049) 72 5058

Jim Hasemer: (02) 6258 3344 (h)
Office and Bookshop: (02) 6258 4500

Phil Brabin: Phone: (03) 9877 8214 Fax: (03) 9877 8314
Philip Rayment: (03) 5941 4292 a/h

David Langlois: (03) 6247 8216

South Australia—Adelaide
Bill Wright: (08) 8293 5068
Bookshop: Sharman Sheetmetal Pty Ltd,
412 North East Rd,
Windsor Gardens
Phone: (08) 8266 3360

Western Australia—Perth
Chang-Sha Fang or Russell Jones
Phone: (08) 9472 3931
Bookshop: 62 McMillan St,
Victoria Park

Western Australia—Albany
Cheryl Griffiths: (08) 98414157

Goodbye to a friend

We are very sorry to announce the passing away of John Pattemore, who went to be with his Lord on September 4. John very ably represented CSF in the Northern Territory for the past several years. We extend our deepest sympathy to his family.


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