Bright Shining Lights

by Mark Looy and Ken Ham on October 15, 2005

We’ve had the privilege of holding hundreds of exciting, life-changing teaching meetings in 11 years at AiG. But none has equaled the impact of what we saw at our “Creation Mega Conference” in July at Liberty University in Virginia.

This university, sometimes described as “a light on a mountain” (Liberty Mountain), shone brightly, as participants from all continents (except Antarctica!) gathered for almost six days—the largest event of its kind ever held (with 30 leading international speakers).

The location at Liberty Mountain in Lynchburg reminded us of Matthew 5:14: “Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden.” And indeed a bright light shone for those six days.

As long-time participants in the increasingly strategic creation/evolution controversy, we believe the big conference will be seen by future historians as a major turning point in the grassroots movement to reclaim America for biblical truths.

Oh, we could give a list of impressive facts and figures from this significant conference. But the most lasting impression is the anticipated effect this major conference will have. And to see so many books, DVDs, curricula and other resources leave that large arena—to impact communities around the country (and nations overseas)—well, that was so heartwarming to watch all those life-changing tools going out the doors.

To encourage you in your desire to see our culture return to the Bible, here are just a few of the dozens of positive comments that participants shared with us.

I’ve been in the faith for 23 years and [long ago] ceased to experience the emotional highs of a retreat, conference, or other concentrated dose of Christian input. However, the Mega Conference has impacted me in a powerful way—with renewed feelings of joy and excitement.

My mind is filled with a vision for how to impact society with the truth of God’s Word. The Lord stirred me to bring a couple of younger brothers to the conference, and they were also greatly impacted. Together, we are planning to launch some creative outreach strategies to advance the knowledge of God in the earth.
– Jon A.

Indeed, that was a main purpose of the conference (and our website as well): to equip God’s people with the necessary tools to take back to their churches and communities to share the creation/gospel message.

Then there was this one that touched and humbled us:

Dear Mr. Ham & staff,

As my husband and I consider what we’ve experienced this week, I felt the best way to say “thank you” is to write a short note. We would like to say that the integrity of AiG is stellar. To see you, the speakers, all your families and staff maintain such an honest and open attitude is refreshing. The humility of everyone is obvious. No one acted un-Christlike in any way.

What impressed us throughout the week was your concern for souls to be won to the Lord—not for us to get “facts for facts sake.” We leave the conference with a renewed enthusiasm to share our faith, and to build our local church. We are certain that many will be saved and more strengthened, thanks to your work and this incredible week at the conference.
– Anonymously written

Indeed, we anticipate there will be a huge evangelistic impact coming out of this conference, as so many people are now equipped to share their faith more effectively—a fact echoed by this person who was there:

We just arrived home from the Mega Conference. Now it’s time for us to take back the US for Jesus Christ. Thank you, Answers in Genesis, for allowing us to be a part of this very special week. We have the information. Now it’s up to us to use it to win others to Christ.
– A.V., Michigan

We could share many, many more testimonies like these.

AiG actually has a good idea of what’s likely going to happen next in hundreds of communities around America because of how God used this conference.

In fact, we only have to look at recent examples like Kevin’s below—he’s one individual who has been impacting his city with the creation/gospel message, and here’s what’s already happened just in the past few months after an AiG meeting:

  • Scarcely a week has passed without a major occurrence of spreading the creation message within our family of ministries here at the church. This includes: presentations prepared … for students of our Christian school, the promotion of young-earth creation from the pulpit, articles in the church’s own magazine and newspaper …

  • At least one member of the state senate and the leading Republican candidate for governor were in attendance on July 17 and gave a standing ovation for comments favorable to freeing teachers in the government schools to discuss creation in the science classes (and also identifying evolutionism as a religious belief unworthy of having an unqualified monopoly in our government schools).

If that’s not enough, Kevin had even more exciting things to report!

  • I have been allowed to start a creation training program for our church. Ages 13 through adult are watching AiG videos borrowed from our Christian Resource Center, and then they complete written exams. After 10 such exams are passed with a minimum score of 70%, they are awarded a certificate recognizing their thorough introduction to creation thinking. Twelve persons have already completed this in the weeks since your visit … Many more are working to complete this.

  • On July 24th, the church looked at the compromise view called the “gap theory.” At the close of this service (about 2,500 in attendance), Pastor D. called for those wanting to repent for believing in evolution and compromise to step forward.

  • Among those who came forward was a couple visiting from out of town; he is the Superintendent of a public school (K–12) system and she is the Curriculum Specialist for that school district. They want materials to put in the hands of teachers willing to use them.

And here is what Kevin has done just in the past few weeks:

Following a TV broadcast of one of our “Creation Sunday Night” teachings [July 24], we received angry emails that our topic was not appreciated. But many more folks are streaming in their comments with such excitement that Pastor D. has decided to continue the Creation Sunday Night program.

Never have I been more excited about what God is doing here. I anticipated the resistance and anger from some, but in regards to the spiritual harvest we are reaping, God has exceeded abundantly above what I even imagined in my best dreams.

Hearts are turning, Ken and Mark. Hearts are turning! We remain your fellow servants and recognize the call of God upon your life. I am personally praying for your spiritual strength as you joyfully follow in the footsteps of the Father of Lights.
– Kevin, a chemist and Bible school instructor

Whew! We’re almost out of breath just reading all of what Kevin’s done since the AiG meeting last spring. Isn’t that absolutely thrilling?

One person … one church … one community at a time. And that’s what we’ll continue to see around the country (as God blesses), especially as a result of AiG conferences and web articles, that are casting a bright shining light on the nation.

There’s another bright shining light we want to share with you—it mirrors the kind comment made by the family above about how they see AiG.

We are happy to report that MinistryWatch, a part of the Wall Watchers organization (a “watchdog” group that monitors the financial integrity of thousands of non-profit organizations nationwide) recently announced that—out of many thousands of non-profit ministries in America—AiG has been named one of the “30 Brightest Shining Light Ministries.” Praise God!

Perhaps this news will give you additional confidence that your gift to AiG (including to its website with 5,000 free articles, the museum project, a growing radio ministry, etc.) would be used wisely. (In addition, AiG is a member in good standing of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability [ECFA], which is another accountability group.)

From your knowledge of our faith-building website and from your reading of all the comments above, you can see that AiG is more than a creation/evolution ministry. Isn’t it wonderful to know how God is using the life-changing creation/gospel message in America, including through on-fire people who attend our meetings and bring vital resources and their zeal back to their communities?

Who knows how the thousands of materials that left that arena in Virginia through AiG’s Creation Mega Conference—to be distributed around the world—will see souls saved as God blesses?

A bright shining light … that’s the creation/gospel message as it’s being proclaimed around the country. (And in other nations, too—soon we’ll share some wonderful news about our recent speaking tour of Israel which ended in early August.)

Has our website been a blessing to you? Can we count on you to offer your financial assistance, as AiG climbs out of the “summer slump” (which almost all ministries face this time of year)?

Partner with us, please, to reclaim the culture one community at a time for biblical truths.

I hope our examples of “bright shining lights” have given you hope for this nation during these “culture wars.” Thank you for helping shine a light in America.


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