Aqua Man, Snorkel Boy and Billions of Dead Things!

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Imagine walking in a large room and seeing over 1,000 excited kids and their leaders singing one of Buddy Davis’s wonderful teaching songs.

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Imagine walking in a large room and seeing over 1,000 excited kids and their leaders singing Buddy Davis’s wonderful teaching song ‘Billions of dead things, buried in rock layers, laid down by water, all over the earth.’ While they were singing, characters like ‘Snorkel Boy,’ ‘Aqua Man’ and people donned with crab and shark hats appeared on a stage. Sound like a bizarre dream? Not really! In fact, in many ways it was an AiG dream-come-true.

This actually occurred at a very special Vacation Bible School (VBS) in Columbus, Ohio, USA recently. It was unfortunate that Buddy himself could not be there due to a health problem, so I filled in [third picture on right]. Buddy would have been so encouraged to see and hear 1,000 young people singing his great song, one that he composed to teach the truth of Noah’s Flood and how it led to the formation of most of the fossil record we see today.

What a tremendous event it was! The program organizers, Randy and Barb Witt, are doing such a wonderful job in teaching these young people. They not only entertain, but also teach children something important in this anti-Christian culture: the Bible is real history, starting with Genesis. In fact, the Witts have developed a program where they teach apologetics to children as young as age four! And it appears they love it!

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Each day of the VBS week was spent teaching these young people how they can trust the Word of God and how it helps them deal with real-world questions and issues that they are often confronted with. Answers in Genesis is exited about this sort of outreach, and we’re actually looking to do even more in the future with VBS materials in association with the Witts. Please pray about such opportunities.

The Witts told us that in their VBS programs, about 70% of the children are not from the Witts’ home church, and a large percentage attend no church at all. So what an opportunity such Bible training programs could afford these young people as they hear the creation/gospel message.

By the way, this particular VBS program was based on various materials gathered by the Witts from AiG. So now you know why it was like a dream come true for me. It was such a blessing to see teachers using our information as a basis for communicating the truth of God’s Word.

This is a major reason AiG exists: to equip the saints to share God’s Word with a culture that needs to hear the truth during this anti-Christian time. We can’t be more encouraged than to see people taking up the banner and sharing the truth of the Bible, especially to the next generation.

Maybe you have some unusual ideas or have had personal experiences while using ‘creation evangelism.’ I’d like to hear about them. Please share them as you write to us. Now, I can’t promise that each of these emails will receive a personal response (we receive several hundred email comments and questions every week), but I will look at all of them and possibly share some of the more creative ideas in a future web article.

So, get excited about God’s Word and then get involved in sharing the truth of the Bible with someone. Point a person to this website, for example, and perhaps questions about the accuracy and authority of the Bible will be answered.


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