Answers Magazine Preview: Vol. 9, No. 4


The October 2014 issue of Answers is on its way with something for everyone’s interest, from fearsome dinosaurs to tiny microbes and from geology to theology.

“A Creationist’s Best Friend” by Andrew Snelling

Do you love dinosaurs? So do we! The secular media assume dinosaurs make believers nervous because they are so often used as “proof” of evolution. That explains why they were baffled when the Creation Museum near Cincinnati put a full-size Allosaurus on display. But when you learn about what dinosaurs really show us, you’ll realize that these fearsome beasts are a creationist’s best friend.

“In Case of Fire, Follow the Ants” by Don DeYoung

Maybe your tastes run to smaller creatures. Solomon advises us, “Go to the ant, you sluggard! Consider her ways and be wise.” It turns out that architects would be wise to study ants, too.

“Bolas Spiders—Eight-Legged Gouchos” by Gordon Wilson

Sticking with small for a minute, here’s a half-inch-long cowboy with skills you wouldn’t think possible. These adept spiders can sling a rope and lasso moths in flight!

Bolas Spider

K. F. Haynes and K.V. Yeargan, University of Kentucky

The bolas spider uses a droplet of strong adhesive on the end of a strand of silk to snag moths from midair.

“Our Immune System—Combatting a Constant Threat” by Joe Francis

If microbiology intrigues you, you already know there are millions of critters trying to take you down. Every second, our bodies must monitor a mélange of threats that seek to invade and destroy. Discover what scientists are just beginning to understand about how the body’s Defense Command and Control System tracks such a diversity of elusive enemies.

Then there’s geology—who isn’t amazed by colossal natural landmarks or delighted by shimmering crystals?

“Sand Pillars—Breaking Through Millions of Years” by Bill Hoesch

Drive around the West, and you’ll see some strange sights: massive sand pillars rising up out of the ground. Even more intriguing, they had to destroy millions of years to get there.


Rob Lavinsky,

“Shape-Shifting Silicon” by Andrew Snelling

We need dirt and rocks for more than gardens and landfills. Our lives depend on them to supply our industries and beautify our homes with jewels. God designed the same basic building block—silicon—to morph into all these materials, and much, much more.

Whether we love paleontology, microbiology, or geology, Christians are saved to glorify the Creator and proclaim His Word, so theology is important to all of us. Thankfully, God makes Himself clear.

“Truth Everyone Can See” by Steve Fazekas

“Scripture is so hard to understand. How can anyone be sure they understand it correctly?” See what William Tyndale . . . or the apostles had to say!

“Difference Maker: What Makes Us Special?” by Russell Fuller

Are we just animals? We can argue about DNA, brain size, and upright stature, but Genesis 1 emphasizes a much greater privilege that sets mankind apart.

Difference Maker

“Inspiration, Part 2: All the Words Count” by Lee Anderson, Jr.

When we say the Bible is “inspired” and authoritative, we mean more than its ideas. The words are inspired. And in fact every single word, throughout the entire book, is inspired.

Whatever your favorite subject of study, you may wonder how to learn more without being drowned in evolutionary philosophy. If you’re headed for college or have kids looking for where to study, you’ll be interested in reading about Christian colleges that offer a solid education in your chosen field with a biblical, creation-based worldview.

“Creation on Campus” by Steve Golden

Evolution has inundated our educational system. Yet there are still a few colleges that endeavor to dispel any doubts that the Creator reigns supreme.

And that’s not all. You’ll learn about the fascinating design that gives some smaller birds sharp vision that even a falcon can’t match. You’ll meet a unique mammal, the colugo, that can glide farther than any other. You’ll experiment on leaves to find their true colors and learn how they hide them for most of the year. And you’ll read about how God uses the talents of people who have dedicated themselves to serving Him.

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photo by Judy Bowen


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