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You’ll love the October–December issue of Answers magazine! With an updated interior design, the fall issue has it all, from breaking down the big bang to building a better understanding of dinosaurs, from public schools to pinnipeds, and from archaeological discoveries at Çatalhöyük to the astronomical delight of a Christmas comet. Don’t miss these fascinating topics that can turn ordinary conversations into gospel-centered times of sharing!

Çatalhöyük—First City after Babel?

What if you could go back in time to visit one of the first settlements after Babel? Well, it’s possible! In Turkey, archaeologists are unearthing an ancient town that was abandoned and frozen in time. Its unique wonders speak of mankind’s ageless ingenuity.

How much can we learn about the past from what we unearth today?

Building a Better Dinosaur

The Bible reveals when dinosaurs first walked the earth and when most were destroyed. But do we know what they really looked like and how they lived? Paleontologist Dr. Marcus Ross explains that God has given us many valuable clues—and more are coming to light—to help us accurately reconstruct these testaments to His creative power!

On the other hand, when we start with man’s reasoning instead of God’s Word, our efforts will ultimately lead us to the wrong conclusions.

Buddy Davis Sculpting a Dinosaur

Buddy Davis sculpting a dinosaur.

Big Bang—The Evolution of a Theory

When it was first introduced, the “big bang” theory was sometimes an object of ridicule. But over the decades, as evolutionary astronomers have adopted it, it has been heavily modified, morphing to adapt to each new problem. Astronomer Dr. Danny Faulkner outlines challenges to the big bang and asks whether all these changes are true improvements, or just rescuing devices.

The danger of reasoning without God’s Word doesn’t stop with confused science. A little time spent reading the newspaper or surfing the Internet reveals that godless thinking leads to widespread corruption.

As in the Days of Noah

Does our wicked generation have any precedent in biblical history? Ken Ham points out that comparisons with Noah’s day are hard to deny. Judgment is coming—of that we can be sure. How should a believer react?

Bus Ride

Public schools are being transformed rapidly into laboratories for ideological experimentation and indoctrination. If these developments have not come to your school, they almost surely will soon.

Is Public School an Option?

The growing chaos in society is forcing Christians to rethink even their most cherished assumptions about their relationship with government institutions. For example, is public education even an option anymore? Dr. Al Mohler discusses the state of public education from a Christian perspective.

Comet ISON—Fire in the Sky

This December the heavens are expected to put on another spectacular show, perhaps even matching the hype of “the comet of the century.” While people across the earth stop to look up in awe, take the opportunity to explain how these short-lived beacons testify to the Creator!

Pinnipeds—Blurring the Boundaries

It’s a bird, it’s a fish, it’s a beast of the land—as we look around, we love to categorize creatures into neat little niches. But what about those strange creatures that dip their fins in two different worlds? What lessons does this blurring of the lines teach about God’s creation?

The Miracle Tree

Can you imagine a plant that is super-nutritious, grows rapidly without special care, has medicinal value, and provides chemicals to purify water in remote places? Well, imagine no longer . . .

Cool Cotton

You can’t cook ’em. You can’t eat ’em. So why are so many farms dedicated to raising these fluffy white balls? God clearly had people in mind when He designed this lowly plant with so many desirable qualities.

You also won’t want to miss our new poster feature, “Through Your Lens,” which exhibits stunning photos of creation submitted by Answers magazine subscribers. We’ve even added more articles on creation and biblical worldview topics. And don’t forget that subscribers also get access to exclusives online, including free downloadable audio versions of many articles to listen as you drive or exercise, an audio interview with paleoartist Buddy Davis, a free download of the entire first volume in The Peleg Chronicles trilogy, and more.

KA 8.4 Poster

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