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Answers Magazine Preview: Vol. 7, No. 3

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It isn’t possible—nothing can die and come back to life! Well, technically that’s true, but many animals come very close. Get Answers!

It isn’t possible—nothing can die and come back to life! Well, technically that’s true, but many animals come very close. This mystery and many more are explained in this summer’s amazing issue of Answers magazine!

Dying to Live Another Day

Life often gets tough for animals. Droughts come, temperatures plummet, predators attack—what’s a poor creature to do? This article tells the tale of six animals that sidestep death by “dying.” By undergoing different forms of suspended animation, they wait out the disasters that befall them, biding their time until better conditions come along. (by Heather Brinson Bruce)

The Forgotten Kingdoms of Jordan

Is the Bible completely accurate when it comes to the Old Testament’s history about the past kingdoms of Jordan? Did the Ammonites, Moabites, and the Edomites, the fierce enemies of Israel, actually exist? Archaeology confirms time and time again that the Bible is 100% reliable. (by Mark Looy)

Evolution or Millions of Years—Which Is the Greater Threat?

Many Christians speak out against evolution but are silent about the age of the earth—or they say it doesn’t matter. Is this the right mindset? Ken Ham shines a light on the real threat to biblical authority—and how to combat it. (by Ken Ham)

Without Millions of Years

Image courtesy of Dan Lietha

At the Edge of Technology

A fully “automated” world may not be far in the future! As technology leaps forward—cars that drive themselves, microscopic cancer-killing robots, assassin drones—our society struggles to keep up with the consequences. Are we sure technology is really good for us? What does the Bible have to say? (by Dan Wooster and Chuck McKnight)

Questions from the Road

Illustration by Dan Flynn

Questions from the Road

Learn from a veteran Answers in Genesis speaker the questions he hears most often as he travels all over America and overseas. Dr. Tommy Mitchell shares the answers to audiences’ questions, as well as enlightening readers on some misleading “answers” that Christians should avoid. (by Tommy Mitchell)

What Kind of God Would Condemn People to Eternal Torment?

This is one of the most asked questions about Christianity. Do you have an answer? Or have you struggled with this issue yourself? This article points out that it’s the wrong question to ask. The real question is “What kind of God would not?” (by Tim Challies)

Seeing the Forest amid the Trees

Illustration by Cory Godbey

Seeing the Forest Amid the Trees

This may completely change your view of ecology! Often we focus so intently on the intricate design of organisms and cells that we miss the bigger picture. The designs of ecosystems, environments where plants and animals live together, are just as complex and awe-inspiring. Ecosystems challenge the idea of “survival of the fittest.” It is the interconnected, dependent relationships between living things that allow ecosystems to grow and flourish. (by Tom Hennigan)

The Barefoot Professor

What happens when two university professors stop wearing shoes, not just for a day, but as a commitment for the rest of their lives? Answer: both become walking examples of the incredible designs of the human foot, as well as the unexpected benefits of going shoeless. (by Daniel Howell and Marcus Ross)

If Evolution Takes Faith, Why Am I the One with Doubts?

Why are those who believe life evolved by pure chance so sure of themselves, while Christians, who have the truth from God’s own mouth, suffer doubt? In this faith-affirming article Dr. David Menton explains the key to dealing with doubt and the truth behind the atheist’s apparent confidence. (by David Menton)

And don’t forget to also check out the answer to the chicken/egg conundrum (it may not be what you’re expecting!), plus an experiment highlighting the amazing power of growing seeds, a revealing look into moon rocks, and so much more! The 8-page Kids Answers, which has one of our best 4-panel spreads ever, will thrill children as they learn about the ultimate survivors on Planet Earth.

Ultimate Survivors

If you want to dig deeper, the online exclusives for this issue include book excerpts and video clips, bringing new depth and dimension to many of the articles. And as always we’ve posted audio (downloadable) versions of many articles. Simply use the “subscriber only” code to unlock and download these for listening in your car, etc. If you want to be ready to defend the truth and authority of Scripture, subscribe now to Answers magazine (or renew your subscription) and get ready for a year or more of award-winning, information-packed issues. If you already subscribe, please consider giving a gift subscription to your pastor, a relative, or a missionary family. Show them that the Bible really can be trusted!


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