Ark Encounter’s Legendary Construction

When the Ark Encounter opens in 2016, visitors will be treated to an amazing experience. In addition to touring the massive 510-foot-long Ark, guests will be able to walk through a variety of teaching exhibits designed to highlight the historicity of the biblical Flood account and point people to the Savior, Jesus Christ. But what does it take to develop one of these exhibits, such as the one about flood legends around the world?

Exhibit Model

This 3D model of the Flood Legends bay helps our designers see how the full-size exhibit will appear. Miniature figures are used to determine spacing within the room.

Following each brainstorming session, the Ark project’s content manager, an exhibit designer, and a graphic artist work with Patrick Marsh, VP of Attractions Design, to determine the best way to display the information to be taught. In this case, how can we help people understand that the hundreds of flood legends around the world help illustrate the truth of Scripture, which contains the true account of the Flood?

A/V technicians are consulted to provide input on the technologies that may help us achieve our goals. A three-dimensional model is constructed to gain a better feel for the look and layout of the exhibit. The exhibit is then presented to AiG President Ken Ham for his approval. Content is also examined by our internal review board and grammar editors.

Fabrication personnel determine exactly how much and what types of material are needed to build the exhibit. Supplies are ordered and construction of the exhibit can begin. Graphic artists fashion the signs while props or other 3D elements are built. Artwork, animation, and filmmaking may be contracted out to companies that specialize in these areas.

Eventually, all of the room’s elements are prepared, and they can be packed up and delivered to the Ark site in Williamstown, Kentucky (south of Cincinnati) when the structure is ready for installation.


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