Ark Encounter on ABC–TV News Will Not Air Tonight


The Ark Encounter will be featured on ABC–TV’s newscast sometime soon.

Update: An ABC-TV producer called AiG early this evening to inform us that due to expanded news coverage on tax cuts and extending jobless benefits, its planned story on the Ark Encounter—filmed earlier today on the proposed property of the full-scale Noah’s Ark—has been bumped. We are awaiting the new air date.

We were notified late this morning that AiG’s latest project, the Ark Encounter, will be featured tonight (Monday) on ABC–TV’s evening newscast, World News with Diane Sawyer. Check your local listings for the ABC affiliate station in your area and the time of broadcast. (See the ABC–TV news site.) Also, here is a link to the article about the Ark project that appears in the New York Times today:

The website for the Ark Encounter is

We are grateful to God for all this media coverage.


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