Do We Need the Apocrypha?

Is the Bible Enough?

by Ken Ham on May 1, 2024

Part 3


This is Ken Ham, CEO of the ministry behind the three-volume set, World Religions and Cults.


What’s the “apocrypha”? Well, the word means “hidden” and it refers to a collection of books written between the close of the Old Testament and the beginning of the New. Now, some skeptics claim these books were arbitrarily left out of our Protestant Bibles. But is that true?

Well, consider that no New Testament writer or Jesus ever quoted from any of these books, even though they frequently quote the Old Testament and sometimes even secular writers!

And these books also don’t agree with the teaching of the rest of Scripture. So they can’t be Scripture because God cannot deny himself.

The apocrypha isn’t Scripture.

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