The Difference of a Biblical Worldview

Eugenics, Abortion, and IVF

by Ken Ham on April 12, 2024

Part 3


This is Ken Ham, with a passion for equipping the church with answers from God’s Word.


We live in a culture of death that views the wishes of adults as more important than the lives of children. As we saw yesterday, the adult desire to have a “healthy” or able-bodied child is considered more important than the well-being of a human life. For example, with reproductive technologies, babies who are deemed “unfit” or “undesirable” are usually discarded like medical waste!

But what a difference when we start with a biblical worldview! In that view, we’re made in the very image of God—fearfully and wonderfully. Made, not as commodities to be chosen or discarded, but as precious persons, human beings, knitted together and loved by him.

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