Climate Change—Should We Care?

Climate Change—The Biggest Threat?

by Ken Ham on March 31, 2023

Part 5


This is Ken Ham, inviting you to visit our full-size Noah’s Ark in Northern Kentucky.


This week we’ve seen that there’s no reason, from a scientific or biblical perspective, for the climate hysteria of our day. So, should we care at all?

Well, we should be concerned about climate policies, because many of them impact the world’s poorest the most. Think about it—if the price of energy rises, the poorest are affected. And the quickest way to lift nations out of poverty is reliable and cheap access to energy!

Radical climate policies won’t save the earth—they’ll hurt people!

As Christians, we’re to have dominion over creation. That means we carefully care for earth, using its resources for our good and God’s glory.

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