The Bible Can’t Be True Because the Bible Isn’t True?

Logical Fallacies to Watch for

by Ken Ham on December 1, 2022

Part 4



This is Ken Ham, author and speaker on Genesis and all of the Bible’s reliability.


Have you ever heard a claim like, “The Bible can’t be true because it’s full of miracles and miracles violate the laws of nature.” How would you respond?

Well, that’s actually a bad argument. It’s a logical fallacy known as “begging the question.” In this example, the person has already assumed what they’re attempting to prove.

They’ve assumed violating the laws of nature is impossible even for an all-powerful God. In other words, they’ve assumed what the Bible teaches about God isn’t true, in order to prove the Bible isn’t true. They’ve “begged” the question.

In responding, we can gently point out the faulty reasoning and then present the truth of God’s Word.

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