A Tiny Heartbeat

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

by Ken Ham on August 2, 2022

Part 2



This is Ken Ham, and our “Fearfully and Wonderfully Made” exhibit is open at the Creation Museum.


Yesterday we asked the question “when does life begin?”

Now, some people believe life begins when a heartbeat can be detected. And the heartbeat is very early in a pregnancy—at only twenty-two days of life. Not only that, but the baby has a developing neural cord, arm, and a nose, mouth, and ears are on their way. All of this is there—and the baby is only the size of a grain of rice!

But a heartbeat or developing organs doesn’t make the baby human or alive. Life begins at the moment of fertilization. All the information that makes you is there from that moment. From fertilization, you were a unique person, made in God’s image!

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