Kangaroos—Designed by God

How Did Kangaroos Get to Australia?

by Ken Ham on June 17, 2022

Part 5



This is Ken Ham, author of the eye-opening book on Noah’s Food, A Flood of Evidence.


This week we’ve looked at the question, “how did kangaroos get to Australia after Noah’s flood?” We learned they likely island hopped. And God gave them the design features to enable them to spread out from Ararat and then colonize Australia.

As marsupials, kangaroos raise their young in pouches. But God has given them the incredible ability to retain an embryo in reserve for months, until the conditions are right for that embryo to continue developing.

Kangaroos hop around at a cruising speed of twelve miles an hour but can go double that if they need to. They’re also great swimmers.

These design features allowed kangaroos to spread out and fill the land Down Under.

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