The Sea—Not Salty Enough?

Geology—Evidence of a Young Earth

by Ken Ham on May 20, 2022

Part 5



This is Ken Ham, author of the devotional commentary for families, Creation to Babel.


How old are our oceans? Well, secularists claim the oceans were formed over three billion years ago.

Let’s assume, for argument’s sake, these oceans began as fresh water. Every year, salt is slowly added to the oceans. Using today’s rates, it would only take forty-two million years to reach today’s saltiness! If the oceans really were three billion years old, there should be seventy times more salt in the ocean than there is!

But did it take forty-two million years to salt the oceans? No. The global flood of Noah’s day would’ve eroded tons of salt into the waters. And perhaps God created them salty in the beginning.

Yes, the evidence confirms: our oceans are young!

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