The Wrong Order of Events

Did God Use the Big Bang?

by Ken Ham on November 29, 2021

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This is Ken Ham, author of the book on millions of years and church compromise, In Six Days.


Many Christians claim that God used the big bang to create. But there’s a lot of problems with that idea, starting with the order of events.

Genesis says God created earth first, but the big bang says the sun came first.

Genesis says the earth was initially covered with water; the big bang says the earth was a hot, molten blob.

Genesis says plants came a day before the sun; the big bang has the sun came millions of years before plants.

Genesis says earth was initially a paradise; the big bang says earth was a molten blob.

The Bible and the big bang certainly don’t agree about the past. Instead of starting with man’s ideas about the past, we should start with God’s perfect word.

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