The World’s a Graveyard!

The Fossils Say No

on October 14, 2021

Part 4



This is Ken Ham, encouraging all churches to start their thinking with God’s Word.


Toothed whales and marsupial possums—where could you find those two creatures together? Well, only in Tasmania—as part of a massive fossil graveyard.

And this isn’t the only fossil graveyard. In France, hundreds of thousands of sea creatures were buried with amphibians, spiders, insects, and reptiles. In Chicago, there’s a spectacular fossil graveyard with ferns, insects, scorpions, and four-legged creatures, and they’re buried with jellyfish, mollusks, and fish, often with soft parts exquisitely preserved.

Now, what could have possibly buried creatures together that don’t live together? Only the global flood of Noah’s day.

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