Red in Tooth and Claw?

Dinosaurs—a Mystery?

by Ken Ham on September 21, 2021

Part 2



This is Ken Ham, editor of the popular series of books The Answers Books for Kids.


A famous writer once said that nature’s “red in tooth and claw”—meaning “red with blood.” Animals kill and eat each other. It’s an ugly world—why?

Well, the Bible teaches God’s original creation was “very good.” Everything was perfect, and everything lived in harmony. Animals didn’t kill each other—everything was vegetarian, including dinosaurs!

Yesterday, we learned humans and dinosaurs were created on the same day. At the end of that day, God said his creation was “very good”—perfect! Nature wasn’t originally red with blood in “tooth and claw.”

But Adam’s sin broke creation and changed everything. It’s now a groaning creation.

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