God’s Word—Our Foundation

Divided Nation

by Ken Ham on September 17, 2021

Part 5



This is Ken Ham, inviting you to visit the full-size Noah’s Ark in Northern Kentucky.


This week we’ve seen there’s only two foundations for our thinking—man’s word or God’s Word. What do I mean?

Well, if you start with man’s word, then marriage is whatever we want. And gender is just what we feel, and there’re no moral absolutes. After all, man’s word, based on fallible opinions, changes all the time.

But God’s Word is an unchanging foundation for our thinking. And God’s Word is clear—marriage is for one man and one woman, there’s only male and female, and morality doesn’t change based on feelings or circumstances.

Your foundation determines your beliefs. And if we want the right beliefs, we must have the right foundation—God’s Word.

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