A Body of “Bad” Design?

Bad Design?

by Ken Ham on October 25, 2021

Part 1



This is Ken Ham, publisher of the award-winning family magazine called Answers.


Are our bodies poorly designed? Sometimes evolutionists point to so-called “bad design” to argue against a Creator. And this week we’re going to look at some examples they give. But first think about their argument.

They’re arguing that evidence of so-called poor design is evidence of no design at all. But they forget two things. One: they don’t know everything! The more we look at what God’s made, the more we learn how little we know.

Two: We live in a broken world! This is not the world God made. He made a “very good” world that’s been broken because of our sin.

But even in a fallen world, we’re fearfully and wonderfully made. And we’re going to see that this week.

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