We Need Apologetics!

Is Morality Relative?

by Ken Ham on June 23, 2021

Part 3



This is Ken Ham, and our popular Ark Encounter attraction is located in Northern Kentucky.


Yesterday we learned that in many churches, there’s been an emphasis on experience, instead of on teaching God’s Word. This has resulted in a famine of the teaching of the Word.

You see, few Christians are being equipped with apologetics. They aren’t being given answers to the questions of our day, or taught how to think biblically. They haven’t been taught a truly Christian worldview.

And as a result, most of the younger generations are walking away from the church. They’re building their thinking on man’s word—and do whatever is right in their own eyes. Thus, morality becomes subjective.

We need to start teaching God’s Word—and apologetics in all of our churches.

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