Fossil Footprints?

on April 19, 2021

Part 1



This is Ken Ham, a missionary to our “evolutionized” culture . . . and even to the church.


Get this: scientists often find fossil tracks that are supposedly millions of years older than the fossils of the creatures that made them!

They must believe creatures made footprints . . . and then millions of years later, the same creatures that lived in the same region just happened to become fossils, too!

This doesn’t make sense! But these footprints do make sense if you look at them through the lens of the Bible’s history. It tells us there was a global flood.

Animals struggling in the floodwaters would’ve left their footprints in wet sediment. Rising waters buried those prints. Then, hours or days later, the animals themselves were buried.

Yes, the flood definitely makes sense of what we actually see!

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