Celebrating Mums This Weekend

on May 7, 2021

Part 5



This is Ken Ham, author of the new book on raising a godly family, Will They Stand?


In just a few days it’s Mother’s Day in the United States. On Sunday we’ll set aside time to appreciate and celebrate “mums,” as we call them in Australia!

Now, sometimes mothers feel discouraged because their job is so hard. But remember: God has called you to your job as a mum—and the results aren’t up to you, they’re up to God! Keep looking to God’s Word for wisdom and encouragement. Keep pointing your kids to God’s Word as their authority. Then trust God with the results.

Today we want to say: “thank you” for the hard work and prayers you pour into the lives of your children. Don’t be discouraged—the God who has called you to be a mother is faithful.

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