Filtering Everything through God’s Word


Part 2



This is Ken Ham, on a mission to call the church back to the authority of God’s Word.


We often want to shelter our children from the evils of the world. And of course, there’s a place for that. But the sexual and gender revolutionaries are determined to capture our children. You know at some point your kids will have to take a stand. Now, do they have the teaching they need to choose biblically? Part of discipling our children is making them aware of what the world teaches … and then comparing it to Scripture. You see, we want to train them while they’re young to test everything against the absolute authority of God’s Word. So, don’t be afraid to talk—age-appropriately of course—about homosexuality and transgenderism. Let your kids know what the world teaches.

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Ken Ham is the CEO and founder of Answers in Genesis-US, the highly acclaimed Creation Museum, and the world-renowned Ark Encounter. Ken Ham is one of the most in-demand Christian speakers in North America.

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