Was Noah’s Ark found?


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This is Ken Ham, and our popular life-size Noah’s Ark is located in Northern Kentucky.


Over the years, many people have claimed they found the ark. One person even said he found an “ark-shaped” formation and some artifacts on Mount Ararat. But none of these claims is conclusive. Geologists who believe the Bible have checked them out and found them disappointing.

So why hasn’t anyone found the ark? Well, the Bible says it landed on the mountains of Ararat—that’s a big area! Ararat is a volcanic region, so the ark was likely buried by a later eruption.

And, even if we found the ark, it wouldn’t convince many skeptics. Why? Well, when Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, people tried to kill Lazarus to cover it up.

The problem isn’t the evidence! It’s the heart.

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