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Speak Life!


Part 2



This is Ken Ham, author , speaker on Genesis and all of the Bible’s reliability.


We live in a culture that doesn’t value human life. Here in America, nearly seventy percent of unborn babies diagnosed with Down Syndrome are killed by abortion. In France, it’s nearly eighty percent; in Denmark, it’s ninety-eight percent; and in Iceland, it’s one hundred percent. And that’s just one disability.

Why doesn’t our culture value life? Well, in an evolutionary worldview, we’re just animals.

You get rid of spare cats, so why not spare kids? What’s the difference?

In a biblical worldview, every person—regardless of their level of ability—is made in God’s image. We have unique value simply because of that.

As Christians, we need to speak life to a culture that promotes death.

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About Ken Ham

Ken Ham is the CEO and founder of Answers in Genesis-US, the highly acclaimed Creation Museum, and the world-renowned Ark Encounter. Ken Ham is one of the most in-demand Christian speakers in North America.

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