A Culture Unhinged

Professing to be Wise, They Became Fools

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This is Ken Ham, co-author of the Noah’s Flood book called A Flood of Evidence.


Apparently, students in Delaware may soon be able to self-identify their gender and “race.” This is just another example of how unhinged our culture’s becoming. Secularists refuse to acknowledge absolutes—except, they’re absolutely sure the Bible’s not the absolute authority!

When we start with God’s Word, we get the truth on gender and so-called “race.” We’re created by God, male and female. Gender isn’t something we feel. It’s a created, biological reality.

We’re all one race, descended from Adam and Eve. But we’re different ethnicities because the gene pool was split at the Tower of Babel.

You see when we start with God’s Word, the “wisdom” of our culture, well, it’s foolishness.

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