Delaware Students May Soon Self-Identify Gender and “Race”

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According to an opinion piece in National Post, students in Delaware public schools may soon be able to self-identify their own gender or “race.” The state is expected to adopt a resolution, approved by both the governor and Delaware State Education Association, that allows for this. This is just another example of how unhinged our culture has become as it refuses to acknowledge absolutes—except being absolutely sure the Bible is not to be the absolute authority!

The article quotes Rachel Dolezal who made the news in 2015 for claiming she was “transracial” and identifies as “black” (though there are no truly black or white people—we’re all shades of brown due, in large part, to the pigment melanin). Dolezal reportedly said,

Gender is understood—we’ve progressed, we’ve evolved to understanding that gender is not binary. It’s not even biological. But what strikes me as so odd is that race isn’t biological either.

Her argument builds naturally off the transgender movement’s ideology. They’ve abandoned the idea of male and female, which is rooted in biology (contrary to Dolezal’s claims), and instead made it about feelings. She’s saying that why shouldn’t “race” (really, culture and ethnicity since there’s only one race biblically and biologically) be the same? Well, apparently Delaware agrees with her and wants students to be able to choose their own gender and ethnicity.

Truth is increasingly becoming meaningless (relative) in our culture.

Truth is increasingly becoming meaningless (relative) in our culture. Judeo-Christian moral absolutes have long been mocked, and now other kinds of absolutes—like basic biological observational science—are also going by the wayside. It’s a culture that’s becoming completely unhinged! With this kind of thinking why can’t a 30-year-old identify as a senior to get the senior’s discount or a teenager identify as a 21-year-old so they can legally drink alcohol?

If biology doesn’t matter, then who’s to tell these people they aren’t really those ages? When you reject the absolute authority of the Word of God, anything goes—which is exactly what we’re increasingly seeing. When I was recently asked on a secular radio program why this is happening and what is wrong with our culture, I explained that I could only answer that by understanding the sin nature of man and the spiritual battle that is raging around us.

As our culture gets darker and more foolish, the light, truth, and wisdom of God’s Word and the gospel will just shine brighter. We must be salt and light in our dying world, boldly pointing people toward the hope found in Jesus Christ.

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