Appendix and Tonsils—Who Needs Them?

Vestigial Organs?

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This is Ken Ham, coauthor of the book on Noah’s Flood called A Flood of Evidence.


Years ago, doctors and researchers considered dozens of human organs to be useless evolutionary leftovers. But now we know better. These structures have functions. Yet many of them still keep showing up in textbooks of so-called “useless” organs!

For example, you might find your appendix and tonsils on that list. Now, it’s true you can live fine without these organs. But they do have important functions. Your tonsils help catch infections before they invade your body, keeping you healthy. And your appendix is a so-called “safe house” for good bacteria—they can repopulate your gut after an illness.

Your body isn’t full of leftovers. It’s fearfully and wonderfully made.

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