Fighting Thorns and Thistles

This Isn’t the World God Made!

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This is Ken Ham, author and speaker on Genesis and all of the Bible’s reliability.


Have you ever tried to grow a garden? It can sometimes be frustrating work, fighting off the weeds and caring for our crops. It often seems like nature is against us, making our jobs more difficult.

Well, that’s not how God originally designed it to be. In God’s “very good” creation, Adam’s work of caring for creation was a joyful task. But, after sin, God cursed the ground—it now produces thorns and thistles. The Bible tells us all of creation groans because of sin.

But you know there’s hope! Because of Jesus’ sacrifice for us, someday those who trust in him will dwell for eternity in a new heaven and new earth. The Curse will be gone.

What a day that will be!

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