Did Humans Live with Dinosaurs?

Seeing Dinosaurs Through the Lens of Scripture

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Part 5



This is Ken Ham, often a guest on radio and TV on the Bible’s authority and reliability.


All this week we have been looking at dinosaurs through the lens of Scripture. We have discovered that, when you start with God’s Word, dinosaurs and man lived with each other.

But is there any evidence of this? Well yes, there is!

Cultures all around the world, on every continent except Antarctica, have legends of dragons. These dragons sound an awful lot like dinosaurs. How did dozens of cultures, isolated from one another until recently, all independently come up with legends of the same creatures? And their drawings feature some of these creatures: they Are recognizable as brachiosaurs, stegosaurs, and other dinosaurs.

They didn’t die out millions of years ago. They lived with man . . . until recently.

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