God’s Not to Blame

Every Christian Should Be a Creationist

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Part 4



This is Ken Ham, a missionary with a passion for sharing God’s Word with the world.


All this week and next, we are looking at 10 reasons why every Christian should be a creationist. Here is number four:

Have you ever wondered why there is death and suffering in creation? Have you ever felt like blaming God for the death of a loved one or an illness? Well, when we take God’s Word as history we have a different perspective on such trials: they are not God’s fault.

Death and suffering are consequences of sin. God’s creation was “very good,” but mankind sinned and the punishment was death. We are to blame—not God.

When we have the right perspective, we can become more like Christ as we go through trials. That is because we can trust our good God who is working all things for good.

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