A Sure Hope

Every Christian Should Be a Creationist

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Part 9



This is Ken Ham, whose ministry has produced the family friendly Answers Bible Curriculum.


All this week we have been looking at why all Christians should be creationists. Here is number nine: a sure hope.

The Book of Romans describes a creation that is groaning and broken because of man’s sin. But Jesus promised He is coming again and will establish a new heavens and earth. The Book of Revelation tells us this new creation won’t have any death, suffering, or tears. It will be free from the curse.

Now if God used millions of years to create, the original creation was full of death and suffering, just as it is now. So how could God have called that “very good”? Why then should we expect our coming home to be different?

When we take Genesis plainly—the coming new creation—it will be very good!

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