Did Noah Do It Alone?

Questions About Noah’s Ark

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This is Ken Ham, hoping you will visit our popular full-size Noah’s Ark attraction south of Cincinnati.


The full-size Ark we built was a project involving thousands of people. Now many people ask us how Noah could have done such a big project with just his three sons.

Well, Noah wasn’t under the same timeframe we were—he had a lot more time! And he didn’t have to build it to withstand years of wear or to meet construction and fire codes. And he didn't have to fill it with high-quality exhibits. So, Noah had it a bit easier!

Now, Scripture doesn't tell us that he did it alone . . . or that God told him he couldn’t hire other people to help. Noah probably hired others to assist him and his sons with the project and he probably used the time as an opportunity to warn them of the coming Flood.

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