When You Die—You’re Done?

Nye vs. Ham Ark Debate

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This is Ken Ham, contributor to the apologetics series, The New Answers Books.


During his tour of Ark Encounter, I asked Bill Nye what he thinks happens when you die. Well, the “Science Guy,” as he is called, responded, “You’re done.”

So I asked him why anything ultimately matters if we’re just going to die . . . and no will ever remember we were even here. He just kept talking about the “joy of discovery” and said, “The meaning of life is to live and pass your genes on.”

But ultimately, discovery and reproduction don’t matter if we all just die and that is it.

The secularist religion doesn’t offer any hope or purpose. As I shared with Bill, these things can only be found in Jesus Christ and in what He did for us on the Cross. That offers the believer true hope and purpose.

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