Two Different Futures

Did God Use the Big Bang?

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This is Ken Ham, an Aussie transplant with a passion for God’s Word . . . and the gospel.


When most people think of the big bang, they think of a story about the past. But it is also a story about the future.

You see, according to this idea, the universe will expand forever. Eventually all useable energy in the universe will be gone. Life will be impossible.

This is very different from the future described in the Bible. Jesus will return and establish the new heavens and new earth. Death, suffering, and pain will be done away with . . .and we will live with Jesus for eternity.

Now, some Christians inconsistently accept the secular story of the universe’s beginnings, but somehow accept the Bible’s account of the future. But we need to be consistent and believe what God says about the past and the future.

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