Atheism—A Hopeless Religion

Nye vs. Ham Ark Debate

by on ; last featured January 13, 2017

Part 5



This is Ken Ham, inviting you to visit the Ark Encounter in Northern Kentucky.


Many young people are falling for the lie of the religion of secularism. It is preached with fervor by people like Bill Nye “the Science Guy.” The media and public school system have indoctrinated students to believe this is some kind of scientific position, not a religion. But it is a religion—a religion of hopelessness.

You see, if you die and that is it, “you’re done,” as Bill Nye claims, then there is no ultimate purpose or meaning to life. You won’t remember you were ever here, and no one else will either. Nothing you did will ultimately matter.

But we can have lasting meaning and hope through Jesus’ death and resurrection. He calls us to live for Him and enjoy eternity with Him forever.

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