Millions of Years—It’s a Pagan Religion

How Did We Get the Idea of Millions of Years?

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This is Ken Ham, editor of the popular creation apologetics magazine, Answers.


Many Christians have accepted millions of years and tried to squeeze them into Genesis. But what they are doing is mixing a pagan religion with God’s Word!

You see, the idea of millions of years didn’t come from the rock layers. It originally came from a number of men who rejected the truth of God’s Word. Without the Flood of Noah’s day, they needed a different way to explain earth’s history. Millions of years of slow processes was the result.

Today millions of years and evolution are used as an excuse for not needing a Creator. They are nothing more than elements of a pagan religion!

Christians shouldn’t mix God’s Word with man’s sinful ideas. We must trust God’s Word from the beginning.

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