God’s Word and Vegemite

Raising Godly Families

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This is Ken Ham, president of the ministry building a full-size Ark near Cincinnati.


In Australia, we enjoy a delicious salty spread called “Vegemite.” We love to put it on buttered toast. Now, almost any non-Australian who tries Vegemite thinks it is . . . well, gross.

So why do Australians love it? Well, parents will put a tiny bit of Vegemite on their baby’s tongue so they grow accustomed to the taste. So we acquire a love for Vegemite because we have eaten it since we were babies.

In the same way, when we expose our kids to God’s Word from a young age, they acquire a taste for it. We need to be intentional about teaching our children God’s Word from a very young age. It is never too early to start! Read God’s Word, pray together, and watch them fall in love with the Bible.

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