Faster Than a Speeding . . . Coral?

In Only Thousands of Years

by Ken Ham

Part 1


This is Ken Ham, whose ministry has produced the family-friendly Answers Bible Curriculum.


Today, coral reefs grow very slowly. Coral reefs form as the coral dies and the hard skeleton is left behind. Now, these tiny skeletons are left piled one after another to create a limestone frame. Other corals grow on this frame. Because corals grow so slowly, it is assumed that they must have taken thousands of years to grow to their present sizes.

But this thinking assumes that corals grow at the same rate today as they always have. But quick coral reef growth has been observed since World War II. Corals are able to grow quickly until they reach sea level. Then their growth slows down.

Corals don’t need tens of thousands of years to grow. Just a few thousand years.

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