The Evolution of the Eyebrow?

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The fossil record shows a great deal of diversity among post-Flood humans (scientists haven’t found any pre-Flood humans as of yet). Some of this diversity is seen in skull shape. Many ancient humans had much thicker brow ridges than we do today. Evolutionary scientists have tried to explain why humans lost these more robust faces. Their newest story—social communication.

Other hypotheses for a physical reason for human brow structure didn’t stand up to the researchers’ computer modeling, so they finally landed on a social explanation for the change in faces. They concluded,

early humans bore prominent brow ridges as a mark of physical dominance, and as the human face evolved to become smaller and flatter, it became a canvas on which the eyebrows could portray a much richer range of emotions.

So they are proposing that a smaller, flatter face allowed for muscles to move the eyebrows up and down, allowing humans to express more subtle emotions. The team stresses “their conclusions are speculative.” This means it’s just a fictional story—just like the belief in evolution itself. Another scientist said that, due to the complexity of how our faces express emotion, she’s “not totally convinced that eyebrows are the missing part of the puzzle.”

This story is nothing more than that—a story. It’s a fairy tale!

This story is nothing more than that—a story. It’s a fairy tale! The reason these scientists can’t understand the variety among humans is because they come from the wrong starting point. When we start with God’s Word, we know these humans didn’t live at separate times as they were evolving to so-called modern man. They all lived at roughly the same time—after the Flood. These are post-Babel people (all descended from Adam and Eve and then through Noah and his family) who spread around the world after the languages were divided. The more robust face was just part of the variety God built into the human genome.

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